Balancing Training Seminars

Dynamic Balancing is seldom taught in the mainstream trade or engineering education system.

The lack of formal instruction and the associated jargon mean that there is often a mystique attached to this important subject.

The aim of our training seminars is to replace the “magic” with understanding and techniques that have a scientific foundation.

Seminars can be presented either "in-house" where numbers permit, or at central locations locally, or in at the factory in Germany.

Balance and Vibration Engineering regularly conducts the Schenck-Rotec "Rigid Rotors Seminar" in Australia. 

The other seminars can also be arranged. All seminars can be taylored to individual needs.

Visit the Schenck-Rotec website for details of this years factory seminar program.

Link to Seminars on the Schenck-RoTec website

Please contact us to register your interest.