Affordable Balancing

There is never enough funding to purchase all the equipment or machinery which we need or would like.

When it comes to Dynamic balancing machines or vibration analysers BVE can help in a variety of ways including:-


·    Referral to subcontractors/service providers
·    Providing a service using our equipment
·    Supply or Rental of used equipment
·    Leasing or financing of new equipment
·    Purchase or trade-in of your existing equipment
·    Repair or upgrade of your existing equipment or machines

At this time, BVE used equipment includes balancing machines with rated capacities of 16kg, 100kg, 3,000kg and 4,400 kg and the latest Bruel &Kjaer Vibroport 80 vibration analyser. Any offer made is subject to availability.

We know that there will be company guidelines, policies, etc and are willing to investigate how we can help within these boundaries.