Vibrocontrol Machine monitoring

Vibration levels in machinery which is critical to the operation of the plant have to be continuously monitored. The plant operator must have adequate warning of increasing levels so that maintenance or repair can be planned. The simplest protection is either a 4-20mA or relay signal to the control system. Where vibration increases to extreme levels which require machine or plant shutdown, this can be initiated either locally at the vibration monitor or via the control system. The measuring equipment which is to be entrusted with this task has to be of the highest integrity. The Brüel & Kjær Vibro Vibrocontrol range of products includes economical single channel instruments through to plant wide API rated condition monitoring systems.

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Vibrocontrol VC-1500 is a powerful low-priced solution for 2...
VIBROCONTROL 6000 Compact monitor
Uninterrupted and safe production and high machine uptime re...
VIBROCONTROL-920 (Now for spare part supply only)
Bearing/housing vibration monitoring system, consists of : &...
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