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Three specialised machines are required for the comprehensive repair/overhaul of Automotive Turbochargers, and BVE can supply all three machines.

1 Low speed balancing machine
Once the turbocharger has been stripped, cleaned and the damaged parts are replaced, the turbine shaft and compressor wheel need to be balanced at low speed. The Schenck TBComfort is the ideal machine for this task.

2 High speed balancing of assembled turbocharger at operational speed
As operational speeds of turbochargers increase, it becomes increasingly important to measure and optimise the unbalance to achieve noise and vibration free operation over the whole operating speed range. The Schenck TBSonio combines the high accuracy required with an operating procedure which is easy to learn. 

3 Flow bench for VNT/VTG technology turbochargers
At the end of the turbocharger overhaul process VNT/VTG turbochargers need to be checked and adjusted to ensure correct operation. The Viscom FLB Flowbench has been developed by experienced turbocharger specialists to provide a machine which is energy efficient and easy and very fast to operate.
Schenck TBComfort low speed balancing machine
The Schenck TBComfort is easy to setup, even for the smallest turbochargers and the accuracy thanks to the Schenck CAB820 is unrivalled. Read More Here
Schenck TBSonio high speed balancing machine for core assemblies
The assembled turbocharger core is installed in the TBSonio and is accelerated using compressed air under conditions similar to those when the turbocharger is fitted to the engine. The vibration resulting from unbalance is measured over the entire operating range and recorded. Read More Here
Viscom FLB flow benches - Easy to handle, precise results
With the VISCOM Flow Bench, reconditioned VNT/VTG turbochargers can be calibrated with precision easily and quickly in just minutes so that they reliably meet the manufacturer's specifications. Read More Here

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