The requirements of higher production rates and better surface finish drive a trend to higher and higher CNC spindle rotational speeds.

The achievable surface finish possible with the higher rotational speeds is however compromised by the vibration caused by tool unbalance at high speeds. 

Meet us at National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne 14-18 May 2019 and experience the latest in Dynamic balancing technology from Schenck

Since becoming national Australian distributors for Schenck RoTec 18 months ago, we have steadily increased our stock of spare parts for balancing machines.

Dynamic balancing of high speed machining cutters with Schenck.

Now tools of any size can be balanced

BVE have been appointed to represent Schrey and Veit throughout Australia.

Schrey and Veit (S&V) are specialists in the field of shock and vibration isolation, vibration absorption and noise reduction.

The S&V tuned damper concept can be used to reduce structural vibrations in ships and submarines, turboprop aircraft and helicopters, railway lines, wheels and bridges.

There is never enough funding to purchase all the equipment or machinery which we need or would like.

When it comes to Dynamic balancing machines or vibration analysers BVE can help in a variety of ways including:-