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Why balancing ?

Question: Why is balancing necessary ? 

Answer: Balancing is necessary to ensure that rotating components operate smoothly.

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Question: Is it necessary to install a dynamic Balancing Machine on a special foundation?

Answer: No, Usually not, like most other machinery, it is sufficient to securely bolt Schenck Hard Bearing machines to a sound workshop floor with a layer of grout between the floor and the machine base.

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Question: In balancing terminology what is a rotor?

Answer: The word rotor is a convenient term which includes all rotating components which are to be balanced.

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Unbalance Unit

Question: What are the units of unbalance?

Answer: The units of unbalance are the product (Multiplication) of the unbalance mass and the radius at which the unbalance mass rotates.

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Balancing speed
Question: Do I have to balance at operational speed?

Answer: No, usually not. The unbalance of rigid rotors does not change with the speed.

The centrifugal force which results from the unbalance does increase with the speed. When the rotating component (rotor) is not rigid enough to withstand the centrifugal forces caused by the unbalance, then the rotor is classified as Flexible.

In this case special procedures are required including checking the unbalance at operational speed.
Rotor Support

Question: Does the rotor being dynamically balanced need to be supported on  the balancing machine in the same way as when it is assembled.

Answer: Yes it is necessary to support the component being balanced as close as possible to the bearing supports for proper results.

Couple Unbalance

What is Couple Unbalance?

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Dynamic Unbalance

What is Dynamic Unbalance?

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Static Unbalance

What is Static Unbalance?

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