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Vibration levels in machinery which is critical to the operation of the plant have to be continuously monitored. The plant operator must have adequate warning of increasing levels so that maintenance or repair can be planned. The simplest protection is either a 4-20mA or relay signal to the control system. Where vibration increases to extreme levels which require machine or plant shutdown, this can be initiated either locally at the vibration monitor or via the control system. The measuring equipment which is to be entrusted with this task has to be of the highest integrity. The Brüel & Kjær Vibro Vibrocontrol range of products includes economical single channel instruments through to plant wide API rated condition monitoring systems.

Vibrocontrol 920 (Spare part supply only)
Bearing/housing vibration monitoring system, consists of : Electronic monitoring instrument to determine overall vibration from the sensor signal, and uses a Vibration sensor  - electro-dynamic velocity type or accelerometer. Features of VIBROCONTROL 920: Simple, cost-saving installation Pushbutton setup for: -Measurement range -Frequency range -Limit values -Limit relay time delay -DC output, etc. Two rugged alarm limit relays, Display of measured value and limit violation, DC and buffered (diagnostic instruments) outputs, OK-monitoring of supply voltage, microprocessor and vibration sensor, Power supply choices:  115 V or 230 VAC  41...62 Hz,  or  + 18...32 VDC max. 12 W Housing: plastic, IP 20,    Weight: 1kg (2.2 lb) Since June 2017 VC-920 is no longer available for new monitoring projects. VC-920 is available as a spare part for existing installations.
Vibrocontrol 6000 Compact Monitor
Uninterrupted and safe production and high machine uptime require a permanently installed monitoring strategy. VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor belongs to a new, revolutionary generation of measuring and diagnosis devices that adapt easily to customer requirements for machine safety and uptime, thanks to a flexible hardware and software concept. There are over 200 powerful and price-optimized standard monitoring solution packages available for this instrument. The VC-6000®  Compact monitor can also easily adapt to your monitoring needs – please contact us to find out more about the ideal parameter configuration for your machinery! Overview of your VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor benefits:
  • Provides online condition monitoring and safety capability
  • More than 200 standard machine monitoring applications are available
  • Customer-tailored monitoring solutions can easily be realised
  • Serves as stand-alone instrument or as part of plant-wide safety system with a PC interface
  • It can be mounted in a cabinet rack in the instrument room or field installed near the machine in an external protective housing
Vibrocontrol 1500
Vibrocontrol VC-1500 is a powerful low-priced solution for 2 channel measurement and monitoring of
  • Casing vibration
  • Rolling-element bearing condition
  • Temperature
Either 1 or 2 bearings of your machine can be monitored simultaneously. A wide range of standard current driven accelerometers can be connected, including AS-063, AS-063. Temperature can be measured either with a seperate PT100 RTD, or from the integrated sensor provided with the sensor AS-062/T1. Vibration monitoring Measurement of casing vibration is in accordance with the ISO Standard 10816. The two actual measured values are shown in the display, as well as their percentage values with respect to the set limit setpoint. A violation of the preset limit values is signalled visually (LED) as well as through the built-in relays for Alert and Danger alarms. Rolling-element bearing condition monitoring For acquiring the rolling-element bearing condition, a DFT of the sensor signal in the range 500 to 5000 cycles per second is performed, and the sum of the largest RMS value of vibration acceleration is formed. A comparison with the measured value of the measured value of the bearing (in as new condition), the "Bearing Condition Value" is displayed. Trend measurement provide you with an overview of the  measurement trend, the VC-1500 has a trend measurement function for the casing vibration, rolling-element bearing condition and temperature. The display is provided right at the instrument over a selectable period between 10 days and 10 months.

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