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Brüel & Kjær Vibro is the leading global independent supplier of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery.  As part of the UK instrumentation and controls company Spectris plc, Brüel & Kjær Vibro are completely independent of machine manufacturers and process control system suppliers.  This means our monitoring solutions are unbiased and not influenced by other corporate issues or potential conflict of interest.

The comprehensive product range comprises:

  • Vibrocontrol 8000 Rack-based monitoring solutions
  • Vibrocontrol  Compact vibration monitors for one, two or three sensors
  • Online condition monitoring systems for wind turbines with Vibrosuite software.
  • Plant-wide online machine monitoring systems.
  • Vibration sensors (accelerometers, velocity transducers and displacement sensors)
  • Vibrotest and Vibroport Handheld analysis instruments and data collectors.

Our products fulfil the most demanding applications for safety, condition and performance monitoring of rotating machinery, especially with the engineering and service backup which we provide..

Monitran, are a leader in the design, development and manufacture of sensors and systems for vibration and displacement measurement.

Products include general and special purpose accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current probes and LVDT displacement transducers. These transducers are used in a diverse range of applications including condition monitoring and preventative maintenance of rotating machinery.

General Purpose Accelerometers

There are two categories of general purpose acceleration sensors:

  • Accelerometers for vibration analysis, with AC outputs, suitable for use with hand-held and online vibration analysers
  • Accelerometers / transmitters for machine protection, with DC outputs for direct input to PLC, DCS and other industrial controllers.

Both categories are available either with integral or detachable cable, and with axial or side entry for cable/connector.

They are also available for submersible applications and/or for Intrinsically safe environments (IECEx and other certifications are available)

Dual output accelerometers with both AC output and 4-20mA output are available

Special purpose transducers include:

  • High temperature accelerometers
  • Triaxial accelerometers
  • Miniature/lightweight accelerometers
  • Accelerometers with dual outputs, vibration and temperature
  • Low frequency accelerometers
  • LVDT displacement transducers

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