Monitran Vibration Transmitters

Monitran General Purpose Monitoring Sensors are for use with PLC’s and other industrial controllers to provide the user with a continuous output of vibration usually as a 4-20mA signal. Changes in the monitor signal will allow the user to spot vibration changes in the part of the machine to which the sensor is attached.

This type of information is required in a wide range of environments so while the basic output is common to all sensors in this category there are many variations allowing them to be used in those different environments ranging from:

  • standard industrial conditions
  • submersible and long term wet operation
  • approved under ATEX, IECEx and ANZEx for use in hazardous areas

Two series are available: our long-standing, tried and trusted 1185 and 1187 ranges and the newly available 2285 and 2287 range with enhanced performance for more demanding applications. 2285 and 2287 series sensors feature redesigned electronics plus an internal Faraday shield giving:
much reduced noise and interference in real industrial environments
improved isolation and easier connection.

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