VIBROCONTROL-920 (Now for spare part supply only)

Bearing/housing vibration monitoring system, consists of :  
Electronic monitoring instrument to determine overall vibration from the sensor signal, and uses a 
Vibration sensor  - electro-dynamic velocity type or accelerometer. 

Features of VIBROCONTROL 920:

Simple, cost-saving installation 
Pushbutton setup for:
-Measurement range
-Frequency range
-Limit values
-Limit relay time delay
-DC output, etc. 
Two rugged alarm limit relays, 
Display of measured value and limit violation,
DC and buffered (diagnostic instruments) outputs, 
OK-monitoring of supply voltage, microprocessor and vibration sensor, 
Power supply choices:  115 V or 230 VAC  41...62 Hz,  or  + 18...32 VDC max. 12 W 
Housing: plastic, IP 20,    Weight: 1kg (2.2 lb)

Since June 2017 VC-920 is no longer available for new monitoring projects. VC-920 is available as a spare part for existing installations.