Smart Balancer

Measurement tasks Field balancing of rotors in one and two planes. Measurement of overall vibrations for evaluation of the machine condition with onscreen indication of machine condition according to ISO10816. FFT Frequency analysis for identification of the causes of vibrations (up to 102,000 lines).

Start-up and run-down curves of the first harmonic for the detection of machine and mounting resonances. Impact test / hammer test facility for resonance studies. Roller bearing diagnosics with optional database.

  • Measurement channels 2 channels for vibrations
  • 1 channel for laser-optical reference sensor
  • All inputs provide power supply for the sensors.
  • Measurement variables
  • Vibration displacement in ┬Ám and mils
  • Vibration velocity in mm/s and inch/s
  • Vibration acceleration in m/s2 and g
  • Signal detection types RMS value
  • Peak-to-peak value Peak value

Special Features

  • One handed operation with joystick
  • Direct printout from via USB cable to suitable printers

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