The Company

Balance and Vibration Engineering (BVE Pty Ltd) is an Australian owned company which operates in co-operation with our partners, to provide Dynamic Balancing and Vibration technology, equipment and support to Australian manufacturing and service industries.

To get the best performance from any equipment it is important not only to select the correct equipment, but to install and commission it properly, provide effective operator training and spare parts and repair service. BVE can assist with all these important functions.

Balance and Vibration engineering was founded in July 2003 and our team has many years experience with Dynamic balancing machines and Vibration measuring equipment.

BVE is the authorised distributor for:

BVE Pty Ltd supplies goods and services subject to our "terms of trade" which may be downloaded here.

Rental / Leasing of our products is offered as an alternative to purchase, and used equipment is available for rental or sale from time to time.

Where there are insufficient quantifies to justify purchase  - or rental, we will still help you.

We can refer you to your nearest balancing or vibration services provider. Alternatively, for small rotating equipment up to approx 100 kg we can provide balancing services ourselves .

If you have a balancing application, or problem of any type,  please contact us