CAB 820 – The right choice for most balancing tasks

CAB 820 is our latest market entry measuring unit.

The user interface is based on a Windows 10 IoT4 Enterprise Industrial PC with touch-Screen- colour Display and USB at the front for convenient data export to storage media and networking capability.

All functions required for standard balancing applications are included, and are laid out logically for convenient operator access. These include:
  • 2 plane / dynamic unbalance display both digitally and as “Vectormeter” graphics
  • Static / Couple indication
  • Automatic in-tolerance indication
  • Tolerance Calculation to ISO 21940-11
  • Equally spaced correction angles for component balancing
  • Index-, key- and single- compensation
  • Balancing speed range 100 to 5000 rpm

CAB820 Brochure

CAB920 includes all features provided by the CAB820 plus additional features including:

  • Measurement during run up
  • Rotor file wizard
  • On-screen marking of previous balancing runs
  • Advanced Static couple and static dynamic display
  • Software options for advanced applications

CAB920 is the choice for:

  • Balancing specialists, who continually face new and demanding balancing tasks
  • high speed balancing tasks,
  • optimization of unbalance correction for maximum productivity
    • across multiple correction planes such as crankshafts
    • for correction by milling, drilling or moving counterweights
  • Unstable rotors which require averaging over a number of balancing runs
  • Integration with correction devices for semi automatic operation
  • Special documentation requirements

CAB920 Brochure

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