Static Unbalance

What is Static Unbalance?


What is Dynamic Unbalance?


What is Couple Unbalance?


Question: Does the rotor being dynamically balanced need to be supported on  the balancing machine in the same way as when it is assembled.

Answer: Yes it is necessary to support the component being balanced as close as possible to the bearing supports for proper results.

Question: Do I have to balance at operational speed?

Answer: No, usually not. The unbalance of rigid rotors does not change with the speed.


Question: What are the units of unbalance?

Answer: The units of unbalance are the product (Multiplication) of the unbalance mass and the radius at which the unbalance mass rotates.


Question: In balancing terminology what is a rotor?

Answer: The word rotor is a convenient term which includes all rotating components which are to be balanced.


Question: Is it necessary to install a dynamic Balancing Machine on a special foundation?

Answer: No, Usually not, like most other machinery, it is sufficient to securely bolt Schenck Hard Bearing machines to a sound workshop floor with a layer of grout between the floor and the machine base.


Question: Why is balancing necessary ? 

Answer: Balancing is necessary to ensure that rotating components operate smoothly.


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