Viscom FLB flow benches - Easy to handle, precise results

<a href=''>Viscom FLB flow benches - Easy to handle, precise results</a>

With the VISCOM Flow Bench, reconditioned VNT/VTG turbochargers can be calibrated with precision easily and quickly in just minutes so that they reliably meet the manufacturer's specifications.

The test is quick and straightforward:

First clamp the turbocharger into the machine with the correct adapter. Thanks to the magnetic adapter, this can be done quickly and without any tools.

Next, block the turbocharger on the compressor wheel side to prevent it from turning inadvertently and connect the pneumatic or electric boost pressure actuator.

After entering the turbocharger model on the touchscreen, the measurement run is started. After a few seconds, the measurement is complete and you will see whether the charger is within the manufacturer tolerance.

If it is outside the tolerance, the turbocharger can be recalibrated directly without removal - and this can be done very comfortably while the measurement is running.

Come and see for yourself !

BVE has a FLB premium flow bench at our workshop in Castle Hill. Simply call to make an appointment – we have several turbochargers here or you can bring your own.

Additional information is available from

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Viscom flow bench example

Viscom flow bench example

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