Schenck TBSonio high speed balancing machine for core assemblies

<a href=''>Schenck TBSonio high speed balancing machine for core assemblies</a>

The assembled turbocharger core is installed in the TBSonio and is accelerated using compressed air under conditions similar to those when the turbocharger is fitted to the engine. The vibration resulting from unbalance is measured over the entire operating range and recorded.

Once the measurement is completed and rotation has stopped the cover is opened and the grinding position is determined by watching the display while rotating the compressor by hand.

Grinding of the compressor nut proceeds while still installed in the balancing machine.

Safety is guaranteed by the “D Class” enclosure which is designed to contain all rotor fragments should the turbocharger burst at high speed.

The Schenck TBSonio leaves “VSR” technology far behind.

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