Vibrocontrol 6000 Compact Monitor

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Uninterrupted and safe production and high machine uptime require a permanently installed monitoring strategy. VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor belongs to a new, revolutionary generation of measuring and diagnosis devices that adapt easily to customer requirements for machine safety and uptime, thanks to a flexible hardware and software concept. There are over 200 powerful and price-optimized standard monitoring solution packages available for this instrument.

The VC-6000®  Compact monitor can also easily adapt to your monitoring needs – please contact us to find out more about the ideal parameter configuration for your machinery!

Overview of your VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor benefits:

  • Provides online condition monitoring and safety capability
  • More than 200 standard machine monitoring applications are available
  • Customer-tailored monitoring solutions can easily be realised
  • Serves as stand-alone instrument or as part of plant-wide safety system with a PC interface
  • It can be mounted in a cabinet rack in the instrument room or field installed near the machine in an external protective housing

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